Strategy Development

Do you need to find your direction or possibly verify you're on the proper course? A fresh set of objective and experienced eyes and ears can expertly facilitate charettes, conduct interviews, lead brainstorming sessions, and help maintain attention to progress. Bremer Strategies can help you not only answer "What If?, but also "Why?".

Attracting Audiences

Is your staff more excited about your programming than your target audience?  Bremer Strategies will work with your staff to "Manage the Message", explore trends in building dynamic public & private partnerships, develop and test your marketing strategies, and design engaging programs.  

Trends & Relevance

Are your programs losing their ability to attract audience? How do you get noticed in a 24/7-365 society filled with competing opportunities for your audiences?  Bremer Strategies can work with your team on survey design, ad hoc interviews, and facilitated leader discussions to move your organization above the "noise floor".


Are your signage and maps in order or do they need a refresh?  Wayfinding is a real word and not the Merriam-Webster mystery somewhere between wayfaring and waylaid...which is how your visitors feel when they cannot easily navigate their experience. Let us help with auditing your visitor systems with mystery shopper visits, map design, and our Visitor Trip Cycle tool.

Partnership Development

Are you struggling with growing your younger audiences? Growing pressure to increase relevance is impacted by generational changes in taste and leisure time consumption.  The argument for authenticity, utterly relevant for generations, may lose the battle when social connection is found on a smartphone screen. Let Bremer Strategies work with your leadership to explore public & private partnerships in your community to increase relevance and connection.

Program Development

Are you finding you're not hitting your attendance projections? Is your audience thinking, "Same Old, same old..."? Perhaps you are looking for ways to ethically meet your mission and expand your offerings?  Bremer Strategies can facilitate charettes, conduct interviews, lead brainstorming sessions, and and all while keeping your staff on target and schedule. We can help you answer "Why not?".

Architecture and Visitors

Across the country you can find examples of how not to design a renovation or new building when visitors are involved. Bremer Strategies works as a translator between architects or designers and museum staff. While staff concentrates on internal needs, Bremer Strategies acts as an audience advocate by asking important questions from a visitor perspective and brings years of practical, on-site experience.

Improving the Visitor Experience

Are you wondering if your organization presents the best possible image to your audiences and clients?  D. Neil Bremer was the first in the United States to bring customer service focus and planning from a visitor perspective to a world-class art museum.  Years of consulting ( provide experienced solutions to typical and non-typical problems.  Bremer Strategies can conduct customer service and wayfinding audits, design and deliver front line training for staff, volunteers, and their managers, and work with architects and designers as an audience advocate by asking important questions from a visitor perspective.

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