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Something Previous Generations Don't Understand...

I was the first generation to grow up with a TV. Black & white, three channels, and the size of a Nissan. 

My son was the first to grow up in the computer generation and gaming and game design became a passion for him. Wasn't much of a TV watcher (Whew!) 

My stepdaughter is the first to grow up in the smartphone generation. TV? Why? "I can get it on my phone." The thought of a desktop computer is almost humorous to her. 

Everything. Instantly in your hand. 

Those of us older museum professionals who continue to argue that authenticity will save museums fail to see that a whole generation is growing up differently than we did.  It won't kill museums, but it will shrink the sense of need to see museums. Museums will become even more  dependant on presenting a successful experience and not just authentic content. 

It boggles the mind... but it's real and it's here. 

Museums must focus on the experience and use everything possible to excite and engage. The technology to present augmented reality is here and we must conceive ways to partner with tech leaders to build new and enticing ways to connect our youth with history, art, science, and all the wonder that museums have created for generations.