I have worked with D. Neil Bremer and Bremer Strategies on a number of highly successful projects over the last 20 years. From strategic planning efforts to developing staff engagement strategies to leadership development initiatives, Neil has served as an invaluable thought partner and driver of results. His unique ability to connect with staff and stakeholders at a very personal level provides him with the tools necessary to not only affect organizational transformation, but the often overlooked element of staff/stakeholder transformation as well. The companies and organizations that have benefited from his influence over the years, still carry forward the institutional knowledge he helped to create. In short, it sticks! I could not recommend Bremer Strategies more highly.

Jessica St. John

Founder, Goodland institute, Nonprofit CEO

At that time I was CEO of Family & Children Services...we discussed the importance supporting social work staff in ‘thinking outside the box’ as a first step to creative program development in their specific area of treatment. Along with my senior Leadership Team and Neil we planned an all staff training to challenge staff develop their own creative spirit and infusion of that into elements of the programming they offer youth and adults.

What would seem simple is made more complex because of the difficulty of clients struggling with mental health issues, high caseloads, rigid program parameters, and complicated and redundant outcomes documentation for state funded programs. These become stressors that can block creative problem solving and increase staff burnout. Staff self-reports noted that creative thinking became stilted over time.

Neil eagerly offered suggestions for an interactive training and acted as consultant along with his colleague and wife, Sandra Bremer in developing a creative thinking training for our clinical and administrative staff of 220 during an annual meeting.  Throughout planning and execution, I was impressed with Neil’s ability to carefully listen to the challenge, thoughtfully analyze resources and staging, and develop a project that fit our immediate needs while opening the door to individual program’s initiation of further creativity infused in therapeutic programming for youth and adults. Neil worked collaboratively and efficiently delivering a concrete product.

He and Sandra led the training very successfully as measured by a staff evaluation rating of the training as excellent.

Rosemary Gardiner

CEO, Retired, Family & Children Services

Over 30 years I’ve seen Neil dramatically enhance the success of a wide variety of non-profit organizations. From small local museums to significant regional art centers. I’ve watched Neil turn laggards into thriving institutions that are run smoothly and efficiently. He also helps bring well-known and well-run operations up to the next level of visibility and success. With the charm of an old drinking buddy and an accountant’s eye for detail, he builds the trust and support of the donor community, confident that their donations and bequests will be spent with integrity and the greatest community impact. He has an insider’s nuanced understanding of the full range of the arts, including e.g. art, theater, dance, music, and education.

Ross Fishman

Consultant, Author, Speaker, Owner-Fishman Marketing

Neil Bremer, as Executive Director and CEO of the Arts Council and Cultural Center, nurtured and repaired relationships between ten different nonprofit groups all sharing the same building and rejuvenated a long-term partnership with one of the organizations that had made plans to leave the building and the Downtown. He accomplished this by masterfully performing the role as convener to build partnerships. After the Board spent many previous years exploring solutions to building renovation as well as branding and marketing issues, Neil presented fresh ideas and brought concepts to the table to help finance and realize necessary structural/architectural renovations and state of the art innovations. Bremer then managed those complicated projects to successful completion. Experience, confidence balanced with teamwork, and good humor are his trademarks

Christopher Shook

President, The Jim Gilmore Jr. Foundation

Neil Bremer has a depth of experience across a broad spectrum of non-profit leadership and arts organization management. Long-term experience as an Executive Director, Operations and Facilities Human Resources, Finance, Visual Arts Curation, and Performing Arts production, direction and performing.  Bremer is a consummate researcher to keep on the cutting edge of trends, policies and practices. He deftly combines new thinking with his depth of practical knowledge and skills.  Bremer asks the important and hard questions, listens carefully, and dialogues with his clients to facilitate active solutions to short-term goals and long-term visions.

Bryan Zocher

Executive Director, Education for the Arts

My relationship with Neil dates back over 30 years. What has always impressed me about Neil, is his ability to take a task and perform the steps needed to complete the job. He has always been able to involve the community in the organizations he has worked with.  Neil Bremer has the knowledge, experience and ability to bring together the creative and business sides of not for profit organizations.


For Profit Business Owner & Philanthropist

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